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Originally named 'Southwest Florida Rescue', HORSE CROSSING RESCUE/SANCTUARY was conceived after a chance meeting on the side of the road in Ft. Myers, Florida.

An Arcadia horse owner was unloading horses into a newly leased grassy field by the side of the road, when a couple passed by and stopped to watch the wary animals survey their new surroundings. The couple stayed until the last horse was led off the trailer. Something was different about these horses. They were not the calm horses they had watched grazing in pastures they had seen on drives through the rural areas. These horses were nervous... they seemed afraid. Some were underfed and some had scars.
Yet... the man seemed concerned, encouraging the horses and feeding them. Intrigued with the situation, the couple approached the Arcadia owner and learned he spent years working with ranches, farms and the county taking in abused, abandoned, starved and beaten horses. He even bought horses sent to auction on the way to illegal slaughterhouses. He spent time talking to the couple as if sizing them up and finally stated he needed someone local to feed, interact and tame the horses. The retirees volunteered their time.
We are the couple... a retired police officer and his wife, a former rock radio host. What an unlikely pair to undertake such a mission!  Still, we were determined to work with these beautiful, frightened horses. We visited the horses daily, feeding them and eventually encouraging some of them to approach.
Eight months later, the horses were responding to the care. Many of the original horses had been placed in good homes... more came in. There were always more horses than we could help. Then, the owner of the Ft. Myers leased property where the horses were being kept, broke his verbal promise of a two-year agreement. Twenty-two horses had to be moved in 48 hours. You could say, it’s what memories are made of!
The Arcadia owner loaded the horses into the trailer and divided them up among several other pastures where he kept tamer horses. It was not an ideal situation for these feral horses who had just begun responding to human contact... and there was an empty hole in our lives where the horses filled our time with purpose.
We began looking for property, rejoined the job market and committed to keep helping these animals. Time was of the essence. The horses had just become accustomed to the Ft. Myers pasture, only to be disrupted again. We located acreage in North Port, Florida. The empty field with small pond was a far change from the condo. We got busy with fencing, stalls, tack room... and finding a house to put on the empty lot! The Arcadia owner was relieved to have us dedicate our time and he moved twelve horses onto our property.
Instinctively, we knew the key to taming the horses was communication. Working with experienced trainers who also believed in this method... versus 'breaking' the horse... we began to make progress. Three babies have been born here in the past two years and they have all been raised with the same patient care as their mothers'.
Natural Horsemanship Programs led to contact with other rescue groups, youth organizations and requests for information. We have hosted the local Girl Scouts, 4-H groups and local school students.
Volunteers have joined us over the years, and all have said their time with the horses has been one of the most rewarding experiences they ever had. Nothing compares to quiet time in the country and the eventual breakthrough and accomplishment of having a once terrified horse stand calmly while you stroked its soft hair. Our wonderful volunteers do much of the work such as field management, art work and provide supplies.
Proper field management is crucial to a horse’s quality of life. Horses need to graze. We have recently increased our grazing areas and installed a Centaur Fence. Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary has access to sales and service of both hot-wire and non-electric fences. The prices are comparable to board and wire fencing, however, have virtually no maintenance and repair costs. These fences are safer for horses and have a 30 year warranty. Our affiliate link will be posted soon, and we would appreciate your purchase through this link if you decide a Centaur Fence is right for you. Proceeds from our affiliation will help with the maintenance costs of our endeavor. 
In addition, we commit proceeds from our affiliation with Mystic Mustangs Publishing. 100% of the royalties from the book 'Mystic Mustangs - Wolves & Cougars' is donated to Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary. Please check out our 'Book' page for more information.
Donations can also be made through Paypal by clicking on the 'DONATE' button. All monies go towards the care of the horses and the sanctuary, and no amount is too small.