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'Mystic Mustangs - Wolves & Cougars'


The first book of the Mystic Mustangs series, 'Mystic Mustangs' is now available to download from www.smashwords.com or www.Amazon.com or request your print copy for a $10.00 donation plus shipping, from horse.crossing@yahoo.com. Please leave your email, name and phone number if you order directly from Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary.  All profits from this first book in the Mystic Mustangs series will be donated to Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary with 50% of future book profits being donated to Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary and other rescues around the country.

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Mystic Mustangs
Ebook Price: $2.99 USD. 52000 words
Fiction Paranormal by Linda Roman and Candace Rice
Published by Mystic Mustangs Publishing


Lexi's dreams of a mysterious man chasing her up a mountain trail, both scare her and make her feel safe. Horses gallop and wolves howl in the darkness,calming her. Lexi is drawn to the magic of the mountains where shape-shifters roam protecting the mustangs in a pact they made with the Little People. The new wolf leader's ambition threatens to break the pact, risking fury of the ancient mystics.
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Mystic Mustangs Publishing is an affiliate site supporting Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary and in addition to the proceeds donated o Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary from the sales of the Mystic Mustangs series,they represent the work of several new and established talented authors. A portion of the publisher's proceeds for books published through Mystic Mustangs Publishing is donated to Horse Crossing Rescue/Sanctuary.