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Diamond is one of the original Mustangs brought to Horse Crossing Rescue Sanctuary.  After patient encouragement, she has learned to trust the staff and volunteers at the Sanctuary.

Diamond enjoying time with volunteers

Many of the Mustangs' journey began in the Sierras, a much drier climate with different challenges the horses acclimate and build immunity to.  The heat and humidity of Florida often cause fungus and other skin issues that must be treated on a daily basis.

Diamond has a particularly difficult time during hot weather

Summer is an especially difficult time.  The Mustangs at the Sanctuary have the benefit of stalls with fans and water misters, though when let out in the morning they prefer the ponds and shade of the mature trees in the large pasture.

* * *

It is not only horses in Florida that face challenges from the heat.

'The heat and humidity are on the rise, with temperatures next week predicted to be in the triple digits for most of the Midwest. It is recommended to avoid riding a horse when the combined air temperature (in Fahrenheit) and relative humidity (%) surpass 150. When the air temperature + relative humidity is less than 130, horses are very effective at cooling themselves. Between 130 and 150, a horse’s ability to cool themselves is decreased. When the combination is greater than 150, a horse’s ability to cool themselves is great reduced, and if the combination is greater than 180, conditions could become fatal if the horse is stressed.'

Reminder:  If it's so hot that you are uncomfortable to ride, please consider your horse with the added challenge of a pad, saddle and rider.  Choose shaded trails with water, take frequent breaks, and ride in the cooler morning or early evening hours.  Horse ownership is a relationship based on trust and responsibility.  Your investment in time and patience ensures years of mutual pleasure for both of you.